International Leadership & Business Academy

International Leadership & Business Academy provides together with worldwide partners internationally unique MBA, master, and bachelor study programs, specialised academic courses, masterclasses, and summer courses.

Why study at International Leadership & Business Academy?

International Leadership & Business Academy provides internationally unique programs at the highest level with a lot of attention to personal development. We guide all our students personally and tailor our programs to their situation. The success of our programs is in inspiring and effective encounters you will have with international teachers and fellow students. Moreover, all our programs have a direct relationship with daily business practice; we focus on professionals who would like to get more out of their career. 

Location of International Leadership & Business Academy

International Leadership & Business Academy is located in the heart of Europe, in one of the most beautiful cities, in the historical and business centre of Prague. Václavské náměstí was the site of all important historical moments of the Czech nation, and therefore we are proud that the company address of International Leadership & Business Academy is The Flow building, which is located on the western corner of Václavské náměstí. This modern multifunctional building was opened in 2020. 

Netherlands Business Academy

Netherlands Business Academy is one of the top three Business Schools in the Netherlands. NLBA is the provider of internationally fully accredited bachelor, master, MBA, and doctoral study programs for more than three decades in the Netherlands, Europe, Asia, and South America. As a consequence of this is Netherlands Business Academy well recognized by many foreign universities and has several extensive EU projects. Netherlands Business Academy offers at City Campus Dordrecht a broad spectrum of NVAO accredited full time graduate and post-graduate study programs. For more information about Netherlands Business Academy, please visit:

City Campus Dordrecht

City Campus Dordrecht is located at the historic city center of the Dutch town of Dordrecht, 10 minutes from Rotterdam. City Campus Dordrecht has its headquarters at the historic building “Wereldwaag”. This beautiful building has been designated a Dutch National Monument. Now this property is an educational destination of City Campus Dordrecht. For more information about City Campus Dordrecht, please visit:

International Network

The international character of International Leadership & Business Academy comes into its own thanks to collaboration with Netherlands Business Academy, City Campus Dordrecht and their partner universities all around globe. A perfect example of this international collaboration is the Erasmus+ project, in which Netherlands Business Academy developed the ultimate MBA Culture, Heritage & Citizenship in collaboration with top universities in Europe, such as the University of Bologna, the oldest university in Europe. The other is bringing the Master of Mediation to 25 international universities in 14 countries. Netherlands Business Academy has also established the Graduate Business School with internationally accredited programs for international students and executives, especially in Asia and South America. This offers our students opportunities for study trips, participation in international projects and the opportunity to expand their international network.

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