A Word of Welcome from the Rector

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Dear (potential) students,

Netherlands Business Academy is one of the top three Business Schools in the Netherlands and we offer fully accredited programs at the highest level. As a consequence of this we are recognized by many foreign universities, and we have numerous international projects and official establishments in Europe, South America and Asia. We have several extensive EU projects: one of which is bringing the first MBA in Culture Heritage & Citizenship in Europe to top universities like Bologna and Berlin. The other is bringing the Master of Mediation to 25 international universities in 14 countries. Both programs are unique, and we are very happy to be able to also bring them to the Czech Republic.

For several years, we have had a connection to the Czech Republic, and this contact feels good! Therefore, we have decided to make the Czech Republic our first formal foreign establishment in Europe. In Academia Rerum Civilium – School for Political and Social Sciences, established in the beautiful and historical city of Kutná Hora, we found a partner with the same philosophy on quality of education and mindset on education for professionals.

It will be a pleasure to meet you in the Czech Republic and the Netherlands. Furthermore, we will be looking forward to the moment that we can have a joint diploma ceremony when you will have this internationally accredited diploma!

Prof. Jan van Zwieten RI/RA/RO

Rector of Netherlands Business Academy and International Leadership & Business Academy

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