Mini MBA Women Leaders

Examples of successful women inspire other women. However, not all women may wish to be successful above all. They may only wish to be educated, self- confident and determined to live a life in which they can be themselves. Female leadership is not about gathering positions and is not about comparing with men. It is about finding strengths and about the ability to drive things forward. To join the decision making process, to be able to succeed naturally without the fear of talking about it. It depends on every one of us, whether our focused development leads to work promotion, own business establishment, taking responsibility for challenging task, accepting a foreign job or becoming a team head coach.

The goals of the Mini MBA Women Leaders program are:

  • To look at the differences between female and male leadership.
  • To overcome stereotypes and learn to work with them. A careerist or a bold woman?
  • To prepare women to engage in the process of decision-making. How to do it?
  • To share experience with women who are „ seen and heard of…“ How do they do it and where do they gain inspiration and courage?
  • To find out, whether a possible partial failure is a real failure?
  • To think of which role I want to play in the society I live in.
  • To explain and actively work with statistics and quotas related to leading women’s positions.
  • To convince yourself, that even you may be an inspiration for other women and men.

Who is this Program for?

Mini MBA Women Leaders is dedicated to all women and men of any age and experience, who are convinced, that the inclusive society may benefit from interconnected female and male principles and from collaboration of capable leaders.

  • For women who wish to make their own decisions.
  • For women who wish to be better prepared for work in a competitive environment.
  • For female students, politicians, managers, mothers on maternity leave, female group leaders, athletes, coaches and others, who wish to become leaders and who wish to push and support people around.

We will kindly welcome you to the Mini MBA Women Leaders program at International Leadership & Business Academy.

In Mini MBA Women Leaders, all subjects from the regular MBA are worked out in a short and concise manner, one theme per day, whereby the participants are expected to translate this knowledge into their own working environment.

In Mini MBA Women Leaders is expressed in a substantively strong business management program that is interwoven with a number of relevant topics and current issues from the sector including inspiration sessions.

Practically Oriented

Mini MBA Women Leaders consists of 14 days focused on a specific themes. We start the program with a 3-day kick-off on location.

During this program students will discuss developments in their work enviroments. Attention will be given to the subjects as indicated in the overview, but there is a lot of room for topics brought in by the participants.

Why this Program?

  • Existing concepts, models and new developments in business administration fields
    are treated and discussed in one day;
  •  Mini MBA Women Leaders offers a broad basic knowledge of all modules from the full MBA in a few weeks;
  • This course is a good fit if you are looking for a MBA foundation without investing more time and money in a full MBA or if you are considering taking the full MBA at a later stage;
  • In those areas where the student has specific interests or needs additional training we offer more extensive Masterclasses in the subjects in question;
  • This program offers students a chance to learn with, and from, other international students of different types of backgrounds and workenviroments.

Program Accreditation

Mini MBA Women Leaders is NVAO accredited.


Self-management, Leadership & Coaching

3 days

Strategic management

1 day

Marketing & Sales

1 day

Finance Management & Control

1 day

Human Resource Management

1 day

Project Management

1 day

ICT & Information Management

1 day

Change Management

1 day

Leadership, Ethics

1 day

Inspirational Lectures from Women Leaders

3 days

Admission Requirements

You should have already completed a bachelor education before you start this program. You should also have at least 3 years of relevant work experience. This program makes it possible to take the next step to realize your ambitions in your career or is a stepping stone to our complete MBA.

Language Requirements

Literature, lectures, and coaching is given in English. If you do not have a sufficient level of English to be able to follow the lectures, on request, we can provide a translation into Czech for you.

Duration and Study Load

Outside of class hours, you must count on a reasonable study load per week for writing your assignments. If you want a more detailed timetable please contact one of our study advisors. 

Lecture Days

The study program starts with a kick-off course from 26th to 29th of April 2023.

Lectures in this distance study program will be provided through online learning on Tuesday afternoons and evenings. Consultation meetings will take place Tuesday mornings. Together with your fellow participants, you will work on cases and assignments, prepare presentations, and comment on each other’s work. The study load is 10 hours of self-study per week. If you want more detailed information about the timetable of this study program, please contact


Contact days in the Czech Republic will be attended in Prague.


Literature, lectures and coaching are given in English. 


The total educational costs are 3 500€ . This does not include literature, living costs, accommodation costs and VAT.

Payment in instalments is possible. If you want more detailed information about financial options, please contact:

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