Leadership & Change

Good leaders renew, tackle and change the status quo. They inspire colleagues to have a clear and shared vision, enable others to act, set a good example and take the organization in tow. It is important to first get to know yourself, then scan your environment and then make the optimal choice for putting the team together. You do not renew and change on your own

The biggest challenge in leadership is to respond to the changes of our future. For several decades, leadership has been about inspiring and motivating employees. In this day and age this is especially important because of the battle for talent. Good people are scarce, therefore we must ensure an attractive working environment and employees must connect with the vision, values ​​and standards of the organization. People consider personal development more important than material reward.

The present time has an even greater challenge. The themes of meaning and sustainability play an increasingly important role for employees.

In the part-time program Leadership & Change, you will learn concepts of leadership, history and developments, which form important starting points for further personal development. Social change is the basis on which you apply the provided concepts in your own practice.

The specialized accredited course Leadership and Change program consists of 16 days focused on a specific theme and several days you spend with your study group writing your final assignment. The first 3 days are wrapped together in a kick-off session focussing on the themes of personal leadership and self-management. A great way to get to know your fellow students, but also yourself! This kick-off session will be a combination of indoor and outdoor activities all focused on leadership and communication. During the other lecture days you will focus on Leadership & Change.

The teachers and professors are all experts in their own workfield which guarantees a translation of business theories in to practical examples. The students are invited to bring in practical examples themselves so that they can be discussed during the lectures.

Program Accreditation

On successful completion of this program, you will receive a Certificate Post Academic Business Administration from the NVAO accredited university 'Netherlands Business Academy'.

These certificates represent a minimum of 22 ECTS and will offer you dispensations when following the complete MBA. 

The Program

  • Self- Leadership & Personal Leadership
  • Change Management 
  • Leadership Module
  • Strategy & Policy Module

Topics During the Program

  • Principles of Leadership;
  • Leadership Strategies;
  • Vision Formation, Think Big and International;
  • Develop Management Skills;
  • Implement Leadership Philosophy.

In this program Leadership & Change, commonly used assessment tools are used such as MBTI, DISC and the Caluwé. These are combined with the more scientifically accepted methodologies and concepts such as WAVE and the Big Five. Attention is also paid to leadership concepts such as Situational Leadership and Covey.

Admission Requirements

You should have already completed a bachelor education before you start this program. You should also have relevant work experience. Do you not exactly meet the admission requirements? Please contact our study advisors to see what is possible in your specific situation. The admission process can include an interview with a study advisor from Netherlands Business Academy. Based on this interview, you will receive study advice and you can be admitted to the study program. This program makes it possible to take the next step to realize your ambitions in your career or is a stepping stone to our complete MBA.

Language Requirements

Literature, lectures, and coaching is given in English. If you do not have a sufficient level of English to be able to follow the lectures, on request, we can provide a translation into Czech for you.

Duration and Study Load

The study program Leadership & Change consists of 16 lecture days and several study group sessions. Outside of class hours, you must count on a reasonable study load per week for writing your assignments. The total duration of the program is between 3-5 weeks. If you want a more detailed timetable please contact one of our study advisors. 

Lecture Days

This study program starts with a kick-off course from 26th to 29th of April 2023.

Lectures in this distance study program will be provided through online learning on Tuesday afternoons and evenings. Consultation meetings will take place Tuesday mornings. Together with your fellow participants, you will work on cases and assignments, prepare presentations, and comment on each other’s work. The study load is 10 hours of self-study per week. If you want more detailed information about the timetable of this study program, please contact info@ilba.academy.


Contact days in the Czech Republic will be attended in Prague.


Literature, lectures and coaching are given in English. 


The total educational costs are 4 950€ . This does not include literature, living costs, accommodation costs and VAT.

Payment in instalments is possible. If you want more detailed information about financial options, please contact: info@ilba.academy

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